Bug Ops

Are ready for the next catastrophe?  Are you prepare for every possible scenario?  You have probably spent much time and effort to select your gear and prepareBut, have you ever been tested?  Will your equipment perform as planned in an emergency?  Will it serve you when you need it the most?  This is what Bug Ops is all about. Bug Ops is a survival course designed to test your gear and your level of preparedness.  In order to make the event a true test, no ​​information about the challenges or obstacles is provided.  Each participant will need to bring a Long Gun, a Hand Gun, a Bug Out Bag, 90 rounds of Ammo (30 rounds pistol and 60 rounds long gun), and a 20 lb bag of dog food (to be used during the event then donated to animal shelter afterwards).

So get your pack on, grap your guns and make your way down to Fort Stockton for the next Bug Ops event. You never know what you might need or experience but taking the challenge will be worth it! 

We'll test your preparedness